Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Pamplemousse followed by French Laughter.


This is a picture of champagne grapes. I like to pull them all off of the stem while washing them into a cereal bowl and then eat them with a spoon. If I were in a particularly ghoulish mood, I would pretend they were eyeballs. Really small eyeballs. Just kiddddinggggg. Champagne grapes, according to this grapelover are Black Corinth or Zante grapes, a variety from Greece. They're small and sweet and pretty. If you eat them off the stem, instead of my cereal-eyeball method, they make you feel like you are in ancient Rome, being epic and ancient and errr. Roman.


Here's another picture with a regular-sized nectarine so you get the size thing.

Grapes or no, I have been proved to be prone (bad songtitle, proved to be prone) to more 'high-end' foodstuffs, mainly from one of many on list of tragic flaws - Whole Foods. I was relatively ignorant of this fact until my roommate stopped me one day to ask, "Is that your chocolate pudding in the fridge?"

I nodded. Pudding=Good. Chocolate Pudding=Great. FOODMATH!

She continued,"Well I figured it was Andrew's (ex-roommate). Cuz it's SwissMiss."

Well, all the better isn't it? Who the hell wants fancy pudding?

Anyhow, it's also now become proven that Mikhail the Cat is also a food snob. Nancy and I both tend to buy good cheeses. Mikhail also loves cheese. Our newish roommate Charles likes eating grilled cheese for meals and once offered Mikhail some of the sandwich. Mikhail turned up his pink nose and walked away with fluffy tail turned high. "Kraft singles are just so bourgeois," he rumbled.

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