Monday, September 26, 2005

food memememememe

Well, I've been tagged for a food and wine meme by Roboppy.

This fact alone, I must admit, caused me a couple minutes of cloudy thinking. It should be known that sometimes my brain likes to drive like a grandma... on a sunday... on nyquil. I've had similar speeds of processing happen with understanding things like bittorrents, movable type, my math class senior year called 'super-calc', my future, and finally, what exactly a MEME is. It sounds vaguely amoebic and if pronounced MIMI, it would be a small shapeless selfish organism, very dangerous and very blobby which we would all get vaccinations for, along with, say it with me - measles mumps rubella!

But it's not. And I've basically got the gist of it. Answer the question and pass it around. (See? Kind of like a disease.) So I will address the question at hand, originally posed by basicjuice to recall the best bottle/glass of wine sampled over the past 30 days and for foodies to say what is the best, wine-friendliest dish tasted.

This whole issue is made easy by the fact that I am poor. While I love food and enjoy a nice wine (still learning on that end), I mostly eat and drink rather simply. Luckily the past month was one where I bought a bottle of wine. One day I stopped by 67 Wine and liquor because oh I dunno – sometimes you just want some wine. Inspired by a lovely glass in Rome from a couple months ago, I originally stepped in the door to find an Italian red, a Sangiovese. But when the wine guy (they're very nice and knowledgeable @ 67wine) who was helping some other dude that was hanging around the squishy corner of Italian reds was in the midst of recommending trying a Montepulciano d'Abruzzo, I stepped two inches to the left and slightly changed course. Helpful Wine Guy said, "Try it! It's smoother than the Sangiovese," though in a sort of distinguished 'I drink wine all the time' kind of way. But sure, I'm all for the smooth, and well... the bottle was under $10. Sign me up! I walked out the door with Caleo's 2003 Montepulciano d'Abruzzo.
My palate is nowhere near sophisticated enough to be able to find seemingly impossible (to me) hints of strawberries, tobacco, grass, when 'hipster' will disappear from the collective lexicon. But I did like it a lot, especially for the cost. It was dry, yet round and full, perhaps a bit ragged and sharp on the edges. I might as well paint you an abstract expressionist work (it will be titled Amoebic Meme #2!!!!) because I don't know how to describe wine and that last sentence was full of inconsistencies. I'm still under a three tier evaluation system: like, dislike, spit out.
As a non-topic-specific blog, I'll just go ahead and answer the food part as well, another easy one because what's more wine-friendly than when wine is an ingredient? The wine made friends with a pasta I made that lasted a week, which is what happens when you're cooking for one. The food gets saltier along with the tears. Kidddinggggg. Anyways, basically when it comes to pasta, I just throw a bunch of stuff together. Ground meat was browned with onions and seasoned with salt, pepper, oregano. Tomatoes were cooked in olive oil and garlic, salt and red pepper to spice it up (though I hear the Italians don't cook dishes with onions AND garlic) until they were mushy. Deglazed the meat pan with some of the Montepulciano and put everything in one pot and put a bit more wine during the simmer because I got a little bored. And that was that.
Time to pass the baton to Mishmosh because she's DUE FOR AN UPDATE and errrmmmm Amateur Gourmet, because I'm not too familiar with the food-blogging community and I really like his writing.


mosh said...

This Saturday I went to a post-college college housemate get-together whose host comes from the estimable Napa, California. They had a startlingly good white that they claimed to have gotten from Trader Joe's at $3.50/bottle, Barefoot Wine's Sauvignon Blanc: Two Buck Chuck graduates from college.

Robyn said...

Thanks for taking part in the meme/disease! *You* eat simply? Remember that my "answer" to the meme was basically...pancakes and milkshakes. ;) I just read the chapter in my wine book about Italian wines last night so I kinda recognize the names of the wines you mentioned! Kinda. Uh. Oh man, I'll probably have to taste them today. I better eat some more breakfast so I don't possibly get boozed out. (Of course, I spit it out...but WHO KNOOOWS.)