Tuesday, August 23, 2005

ohh.. rainBOW!

You know, all those damn years of learning the piano and shlepping to juilliard on saturdays and not having a childhood (let's not go there. oh wait, we can. it was boring. i could never go to any sweet sixteens. the tragedy!) and I still had to be nudged by a comment here into realizing that that single off of broken social scene's upcoming album - called "7/4 (Shoreline)" - is actually in 7/4 time. I had thought that the 7/4 was the date it was done editing or whatever record industry term that is.

7/4! Genius! It totally makes that fabulous momentum and uneven rockiness of the song, from the last beat of one measure to the first beat of the next, accented by that high-hat drummy cymbal thing (I need some help with these musical instrument vocabulary don't I?).

I heart unconventional time signatures because I'm still a musical dork.

Track still downloadable here, I think.

And I am totally having my own sweet sixteen on my next birthday. Twenty-four... Sixteen. Same thing, whatever. You know you want to be invited.


Mosh said...

And oh my lord the dress code will be PINK PINK PINK and we will eat cupcakes. Heart.

Mosh said...

And I forgot the part about dedicating each of your sixteen candles to one of your friends, or your high school boyfriend with the punk rock haircut and leather jacket (oh wait, didn't have me one of those), or your parents, and then when you ran out of candles because sixteen is just not enough to express all that LIVING you've done already in your life, sweet child, you'd dedicate each candle to multiple people at a time. Yep, didn't have one.

Roger said...

Mosh, you didn't have one either? We are totally have a Sweet 16 next year. Unless you two would feel jilted merging them into one. Unfortunately, we'd have to have them at unconventional times, like Christmas or Thanksgiving. But I won't be there for Thanksgiving. SO DON'T HAVE IT THEN.

yp said...

dudddeeee, why am I still 22? Are you almost 24? This is messed up!