Wednesday, August 03, 2005

never in paris, plus photos

No matter how much my little heartful of wishes hangs on getting around to updates about my little Italia trip, I don't know if I'll ever finish the doomed-from-the-start series. So, for those of you interested, ghoulishly procrastinatory, and just really really bored people out there, here are the photos I took. The first few are from the stopover in Geneva and the extremely pretty, nature-y ones are from Cinque Terre, and that last one is a photo of a kick-ass mozzerella di bufala pizza.

So lately it's come up in conversation with various people that I would really really love Paris. I've never been. But apparently it's my long lost soul-land. And it's true, I probably would adore Paris, the food! the caf├ęs! the art! the jolie streets! There's JC (pas moi. I'm not that crazy yet), who upon hearing a bit about my trip to Italy immediately boomed, "You'd love Paris!" and there are the dispatches and Flickrs of Mosh who is living the dream, spending a month at cooking school, and JI who just got back from Berlin and asked in the manner of "Where's the butter" at a lobster dinner, "Why haven't you been to Paris?" (Berlin seems pretty nice too. Apparently the young people pretty much live on unemployment money which is enough to hang out and do whatever, go see movies, hang out in coffeeshops and read cuz rent is cheap and there's healthcare. Sure, economically dubious but otherwise, Dream. Come. True.)

And this Sunday, caught a rerun of No Reservations on Travel Channel with Anthony Bourdain in Paris. He just goes fooding the whole time! He's like the ultimate guy to hang out with. Shall we stop before degeneration into gushing about Bourdain whose grumpster humor makes me giggle? Oui.

So now Paris is like a boy who I have never met that my friends are trying to set me up with and I have already fallen a little smitten with something I do not know. Disregard the crop of grammatical errors in that sentence, cue sentimental strings section and fade out.


Robyn said...

Mm, kick ass pizza...
I'd like to go to Paris (er, actually I'd like to eat my way through Europe, especially Paris) although my lack of French might be...not good. I know how to say bread and chocolate, so maybe I can make do with that. :D
Oo I'd love to see No Reservations! Don't have cable though. I'd like to see the episode where he goes to NJ. ...and all the other much more exciting places.

Paris said...

are interesting, cool, savvy twentysomethings in nyc all full of so much yearning, stifled passion, boredom, and extremely drowsy pain? cheer up, janet! you just need an ancient paris to dote on you and remind you how hip, funny, sweetandsour you are, I'll try to be your cheerleader in the meantime. go janet, go!

whc said...

Paris, u sux.

me said...

1. I didn't know there is a NJ episode!! I must watch it! I actually don't have cable either. I just use my friends'.
2. Paris - Merci for the kind words, mais...Tekitoi???? No really, who are you?
3. Hi foxes. Stop wreaking havoc on the Taiwanese ladiesss.

Mosh said...

Yes, it's lovely, and the food (both from class and from markets, shops, bakeries, restaurants around town) has been awesome, but do read this: You should still visit it, though, maybe for a week. Week's not enough to get really aggravated about the subject above. In the meantime, bon-virtual-voyage!