Thursday, August 11, 2005


rargh. week too busy, stressful, cluttered. back on the weekend or monday.

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Yesterday, whilst sitting in Washington Sq. Park, eating a dinner of the always delish shwarma from mamouns with a friend, we realized we sat down on a bench right across from a fenced clearing that is the house of mouses (mice, as you edumacated call them), the bar district of rats, the veritable amusement park playland for rodent kiddies. They must have been rats - kind of large sized things. Kind of gross but they mostly stayed within the fenced area.

Some woman was walking her woolly black dog, oh medium sized, I don't know what kind it was, which was not on a leash. All of a sudden, he zooms to the right and we hear a distressed and very loud squeal. Rest in Peace Rodent. Woolly Black Dog prances desultorily back onto the walkway, head held high, a little proud.

Me? I want to be that prancing woolly black dog. Unleashed, free, fierce, lovely wavy hair. This week? I'm that crunched bones of a rat. Flat, broken, ugly ugly ugly.

I sound like an emo teenager. Let me go upstairs and bang my bedroom door shut.

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