Tuesday, July 26, 2005

sunny days


Was in the Boston area this past weekend, though we stayed mostly in the burb of Medford (I think). Anyways, times were a-rip roarin' with beaches, beers, and barbeques, again instilling in me the great self-hatred for ny living space costs. Damn you people who can have a backyard and a huge sunlit house with a dining room (a dining room!!!) and porch and grill and only pay freaking $500 a month. Damn you! I need to move to North Carolina or something and build me a castle. With a moat. And maybe a dragon. He can stay in my spare banquet hall. And rotisserie some chicken with his fire breath or something.

We did have all sorts of grilled meats this weekend. Hamburger, sausages, chicken, lamb, ribs, oh my! There was some grilled pineapple that was especially tasty, sweet and sugary as a guileless southern belle. I shall have a fruit-grilling room next to the dragon, throw him a few peaches now and again and keep him sweet-tempered.

We also went to Carson Beach on Saturday, which I found rather neat, being pretty much on the edge of Boston. You could stand at the shore and look over to your left and see the New England spires of town, sitting all proper-like. The small, picturesque beach was not crowded at all, the day was lovely, the water freezing. We played volleyball and threw the 'bee and sat out in the sun. A little girl ran after a runaway beach umbrella which maybe had planned to elope with the wind.

What with watermelon eating contests, margaritas, going on swingsets, and the ol' college beer pong tournaments (There were brackets. Very Official.), soft serve ice cream, there should be more weekends like this. And weekdays too probably. I wonder what I should name my dragon.

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