Friday, July 29, 2005



I was only in Rome for a mere handful of days so it hardly gives me the authority to miss things, namely espresso and gelato. But then, who needs authority to miss things you hardly know? Or know so well from the bottom of your very heartful taste buds? Veer, veer, veer towards incoherence...

Before I went home yesterday for a delightful farce of an evening meeting potential roommates, finding one to-be-ex-roommate very very drunk and one less half bottle of scotch, I stopped off at Washington Square Park to try some gelato from the Gelotto Cart. Run by Batali's restaurant Otto Enoteca Pizzeria, the cart offers a few rather steadfast flavors, all handmade at the restaurant by Meredith Kurtzman. I opted for the canteloupe sorbetto and lo and behold, it tasted like canteloupe in icey dessert form! It was a tad melty, and thus a tad watery, though and so I finished it by the time I crossed over to the other side of the park.

I am trying to find the NYT dining section again to no avail. I want to look at the calendar again cuz I know there is some sort of gelato demonstration or something something with Laboratorio del Gelato this week. I wasn't pre-ice-cream hallucinating or anything I hope. Sigh.

Anyways, the cart's at the NW corner of the park til sevenish (say it with me, dusk, dusk, what a nice word) until the autumn (another nice word. pair the two and you have a veritable verbal cocktail. or an awful-smelling perfume).

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Robyn said...

I still haven't tried the Gelotto Cart, even though I've passed it. Ahh! Thanks for reminding me.