Monday, July 18, 2005

the district brunches twice

Whiled away this weekend in DC and besides getting caught in apocalyptic thunderstorms and crashing some weddings with owen and vince, mes amis et moi, we dined at Cafe Bonaparte and Mocha Hut where the cream of brunches rose to the surface. I enjoyed them with a Cheshire Cat of a smile.

Cafe Bonaparte is down the street from a great Argentinian (Argentine?) gelato place called Isee Icy, where the sorbettos (sorbetti?) are divine. (They're changing their name to Dolcezza though. Yawwwn.) In the poshy posh posh shoppy shop area of Georgetown, those two establishments make these three or four blocks of Wisconsin Ave perhaps my favorite spot in DC. Because Good Food Pleases Me.

Tangent: Somewhere in DC or Virginia or some 'burb, we passed a church with a sign that said "we put the O back in God" or something like that. And I, rocket scientist that I am, turn to aforementioned amis quizzically, "What's goooood?" Ohhh. Good. I like saying words like good, book, and food with oooohs. It's more fun and quizzical rocket scientist-like.

Anyways, at Bonaparte, you enter the much quoted "old world charm" of la France, with a lovely tin roof, many paned window, bar (very important), tastefully warm, bright colors throughout, and a smatter of tables upon which plates of omelettes and crêpes temporarily reside. They do brunch on the weekends, open until the wee hours of the morning on Friday and Saturday, and serve Lavazza espresso and La Colombe. LA COLOMBE!!!

We opted for savory brunch stuff because hey, it's only on two days a week. Perhaps we are all quizzical rocket science types. Anyways, that just means I'll have to have crêpes there next time. I had eggs benedict for the first time. Mmmmm. Poached eggs and bacon (ham) on a biscuit, covered with light-for-a-hollandaise sauce, perfectly done potatoes with a little somethin' somethin' on em - paprika maybe?, and a skewer of ripe fruit made me a happy janet. One friend opted for a swiss cheese omelette which had a bit too much cheese while t'other had the special, a goat cheese and spinach omelette which went perfectly with those potatoes. They also had Viennese Espressos - a café americano type drink tinged with vanilla and cinnamon topped off with whipped cream. We were surrounded by smiley people, drinking their seltzer water and brunchy mimosa type drinks, with the jazzy music wafting around, twas nice and made up for the slightly loopy server who kept on shutting the door for fear of outside air invading precious space.
The next morning, before our departure, we stopped by Mocha Hut, a local favorite of my friend (and future roomie!) who resides in Columbia Heights. With the interior a cosy purple with a nice variety of seating options - stools, comfy sofa and armchairs, regular tables and bookcase, it's bit typical-coffeehouse of place which does sandwiches and breakfast food - but they delivered the goods and with great service too. Our small round table was laden and soon unladen with belgian waffles galore, french toast, home fries with a kick, scrambled eggs perfectly seasoned, coffee, etc. The eater of french toast began to make shapes of states, namely alaska, vermont, maine, and ohio (or was it iowa? EDIT: It was definitely not Iowa. I need to study my states!) with last slice of french toast. It takes some skill to do this. I could not make any shapes with my waffle, except perhaps Kansas or Wyoming. With that, we bid the district farewell and made our way back through more apocalyptic rainstorms to nj.
As you can see, the way to my heart is through a good breakfast and a cup of coffee. The secret is out.
Oh, and sending e-mail. That's another good one. Not at the same time though. There are some rules of decency.
Mocha Hut is on 14th and Decatur with a new location on 1301 U St.
Café Bonaparte is on 1522 Wisconsin Avenue N.W.


Robyn said...

Sounds like you ate some very yummerlicious stuff. WAFFLES! FRENCH TOAST! I can't make shapes with my waffle, besides "eaten waffle", which isn't really a shape.

janet said...

there's no better shape than "eaten waffle"

Todd said...

You should be a food critic. And since when does Ohio look like Iowa?

me said...


yp said...

that sounds dee-licious. Sadly, I didnt discover the joy of brunch until I moved to NYC. My only memory of brunch-y foods is eating scones at the dean & deluca on M Street while STUDYING. School always gets in the way of good food.