Wednesday, July 06, 2005

berry happy mango

We did a lot of eating this Fourth of July weekend. That is not so bad. And whenever you put a bunch of berries together, it is always quite nice, quite right. It, in fact, restores a little bit of berry balance in the world and who would be cruel enough to deny you just that? Cruella Deville. Yes - but she kills puppies.

And when you also put in some pound cake, whipped cream tinged with vanilla and honey, vanilla instant pudding, and a raspberry sauce, everything is better. How handy that berries come in the color of our flag.

While we're on the topic of fruits and because I'm always on the lookout for an inelegant segue, one day I was having some trouble cutting up a mango that I got from the Korean supermarket. This is not to say it was being stubborn because it came from Han Ah Reum, but it had been so long since I had cut my own mango, that I forgot how to do it like my mom - she is the source of all my fruit-cutting expertise. I ended up performing a rather ghastly surgery on it, resulting in sad little lumps of deformed mango and then I devoured the copious mango fleshy remains still on the pit.

Well thank goodness for my MSPaint-loving friend. He provided me with this handy manual after I failed to understand what he was saying on instant messenger. I will now share his painterly wisdom:


Robyn said...

Even though I've looked at tutorials on how to cut mangoes and have seen people cut them, I still end up with a pile of yellow goop when I try to do it. Well, it looks like a pile of yellow goop but it tastes really good.
Your berry dessert looks so good! Kinda like trifle? Mmmilovethatstuffmmmmmmmmmmmmmmooasmdoiasdj yup.

Mosh said...

MSPaint could only be Roger. (beat.) Right?