Thursday, June 09, 2005



I went to see Spoon at Webster Hall on wednesday. Took my customary bad photos, again not noticing that I had put the camera on the blurry setting and not on my saviour "auto". At least I won't be having this trouble any time soon.

No matter. Playing to a sold out, excited, un-air-conditioned, sweating, dancing, bopping crowd - Spoon was just so good. I was very excited to see them live for the first time and came away impressed and dehydrated. They play an unbelievably tight set; there was this one moment (I forget the song) where Britt and drummer Jim (that sounds like brother bear or queen elizabeth, like 'drummer' is a title, bestowed - ) stopped short for this strange rhythmic hiccup mid-phrase. My god, that sort of coordination takes real practice and care, anybody who's even been in any sort of dinky middle school ensemble knows.


The guitar jam robot conversation sounds! The crunchy piano! The trademark Spoon chords! Oh so nice! fluxblog has the setlist and nicely thought-out/written review, labelling the band "classy" which at first sounds huh? but does make sense when you think about it. Careful, elegant while wild, clever and immediate - they are indie debonair darlings.

Lots of great pics at brooklynvegan

Britt Daniel recently appeared on WNYC's Soundcheck and played a couple songs solo.

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