Friday, June 24, 2005



Yesterday I went to see Sleater-Kinney at Roseland. Despite the venue size upgrade (I'd previously seen them at Southpaw and Irving), it was a pretttttty aweeesssoooome show. The crowd was great and jumpy and real into it, pumping arms in the air and the like, which frankly, I can never really understand... but hey, have a good time; get into it. But please don't hit me while enthusiastically pumping arm. It frightens me. And for some reason, the area around me was populated by really short girls who looked like they were in like middle school but unless they had real good fakes, were sportin' the blue drinky band and cups o' beer. There actually were some young-ish kids in the crowd - like early teens - and they were lovin' it.


S-K fed off the energy of the fandom spread before them to go even beyond what I thought possible. Carrie jumped like a gazillion times and Corin wailed like only she can and Janet - wow - a rhythmic blur. Janet, perhaps because she is a drummer, has incredible coordination because if I had to play harmonica AND drum at the same time, I might spontaneously combust a la spinal tap.

They didn't play a lot of old stuff but I don't think that that was what this concert was for and at least I got my favs off the last and new album. S-K is one of the few bands out there right now who actually try to say something with their music and bring a sense of urgency, context and rock-out. I admire them quite a lot. And part of it, I must admit, is the lack of other females, visible at least, in rock music, just like everything else, which makes me mad.

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