Friday, June 17, 2005


Are you humming that Natalie Merchant song "Jealousy"? I am. Whatever happened to her? I know. Celine Dion fed her to her bébé. What? I don't know.

So, it's kind of amazing. My friends are travelling all over the world! Like Captain Planet except without superpowers! Except maybe Heart. They all have Heart. ShooooO! (Heart power). Their current, very recent, and future locations include: Iceland, Ecuador, Taiwan, Japan, Guyana, S. Africa, Namibia, Italy ... Pretty cool eh?

Their voyaging has awoken the green monster in my feet (eww that sounds fungal) even though I just took a vacation, now I want to go somewhere again.

But then again, I saw some people laying out in the sun, reading and sleeping, today during my lunch hour and I wanted to be one of them too.

It's too easy.

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