Monday, June 20, 2005


I like how this article, "Korean Word for Golf? Chances Are, You'll Hear It Here" doesn't stereotype or generalize or overreach at allll!

He added that Koreans are also intrigued by the paradox at the heart
of golf, the fact that it is so seemingly simple, yet so difficult.
They gravitate toward the demanding practice regimen, the inner
discipline and the meditative, repetitive approach the game requires.

"Golf is an attempt at perfection," he said. "It is a very hard sport
to master and demands focus and concentration on every shot. A lot of
Asians use meditation to relax and focus."

"A lot of Koreans have their own stores or businesses and can take
time off in the day for golf," he said, as a large group of female
players walked into the range. "Or at least their wives can."

Ilhyun Jung, 50, a dentist from Forest Hills, put the Korean affinity
for golf in historical perspective.

"For 5,000 years, Korea was surrounded by big countries and suffered a
lot of invasions," he explained. "We had to be strong and sustain many
challenges, so we are used to challenge, and our persistence is
naturally stronger. It is the nature of the Korean: We want to show
our ability and do things perfectly."

I don't know what to do! Five thousand years of history is bursting in me. I must be perfect! I must play golf! And thanks for doing your research Corey Kilgannon. The korean word for golf is essentially, "golf", except Korean phonetics don't have a F sound so it sounds more like gol-puh. REAL crazy!


jason said...

angry asian girl - horn-rimmed glasses attack!

janet said...

i gotta get me a pair of those.