Friday, June 24, 2005

extraneous words

Dah. I've been meaning to update but it got to be like that paper you put off doing until the night before it's due and then you plan on feverishly dervishly working on it like a mad but clever clever word-smithing fiend, and you lie your head down just to rest for one moment and then bam, the next thing you know, it's noon the next day and your world has come a-tumbling down in little pretend-clever-fiend pieces...

Except, it wasn't really like that. If I remember correctly, I did fall asleep around 10 one night this week watching a movie. What else what else.. Oh my roommate was watching the 1946 version of Great Expectations one day and I sat down to watch 'just a little bit' and ended up watching the whole thing, thinking all the while, "wow, this is so old! but it is so great!" Very entertaining, bringing the Dickens drama of Pip and Estella and Miss Havisham to life. I remember in 8th grade English, we read it and had to cast currect actors for a pretend version with a modernized screenplay. I remember our Miss Havisham was Olympia Dukakis, Estella was Shannon Doherty (post 90210, pre Charmed), and the porkpie and brandy that Pip steals became cheesecake and beer. Ok that was a meander, but yeah, the old movie is pretty great.

I've also been meaning to talk about some books and music. So hopefully I'll get around to that.

And I've come to the realization and possibly acceptance that I'm much more affected by pms than before. Don't make that gross-out face. Be a man! Erm. Unless you are a lady. Not that I'm super crabby or anything but I get like waaaaay emotional around sleeptime, with dumbly bleak thoughts like Why is everything so horrible and bad! Why is life like this! crycrycry tears tears tears. But then I felt better when I realized I wasn't a total emotional wreck. It was just that time of the month. I don't like assigning the mood fluctuation to that either, because of the traditional, sexist, blahblahblah unreasonable traits and all that jazz placed on females. But then, I would rather not be labelled Crazy and Really Depressed, for now. I don't know even know why I'm telling you this, Gentle Reader. But now, I will scamper off with ringlets in my hair and have utterly witty exchanges with snobbish men.

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