Monday, June 13, 2005

architecture in helsinki


Went to see Architecture in Helsinki, appropriately summer-y music, at an un-airconditioned Knitting Factory, formerly merely a music venue on the edges of Chinatown, now also sauna (they've also renovated their bathrooms... nice!!). Despite the heat, a good time was had by all, egged on by Aussie humor, joyous energy, jungle animals, really fun music, charming accents and a brass section. I'm convinced that everything is fun and games with a brass band to back you up.

Their latest album, In Case We Die has dozens of instruments in the credits, from cowbell to theremin. Yesterday, I also learned what a melodica is. Here is AIH member playing said instrument, behind the shadow of tour mascot, Julio.

The at least eight members seem just to be a bunch of friends having a good time, banging on cowbells, getting tangled in leaves, dancing with a pinata, and being versed in multiple instruments. They have a livejournal too. They play at Northsix tonight. Well, that's about it.

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