Wednesday, May 04, 2005

home improvement

Many hours and fumes later. You can also call it, how do they say it? Shoddy Workmanship. Yes, that's it. I ran out of paint so the bottoms are all.. gross. It took me many many moons after I moved into my homey cosy small bklyn home, but at least now I will not have to suffer green. Sorry Kermie. I know it's not easy.



jason said...

wow, that was the color of your room?!?

Mosh said...

Oddly enough, I painted my bathroom that color on purpose this summer! But it was a small bathroom attached to a nice, soothing lavendar-and-brick colored main room, and when I woke up at 8 every morning I wanted it to scream WAKE THE HELL UP!

roger said...

I don't know why it is, but bright greens tend to only work with shades of purple.
So is the middle picture "flash," and then the last one "no flash"? Because it almost looks like you changed your mind and repainted it, or something. Is the new paint a matte finish? Because it looks less glossy than the green. Which I kind of like, but maybe it's an illusion.
Can we stencil patterns onto your window frame? Could I be any gay-er?

janet said...

Yes. Middle is flash. The light really makes a difference on the paint. The green was actually nice in darker ambiences.
The new paint is eggshell finish. I guess that's kind of matte-y. The green wasn't glossy though. Just extremely brash. And Mosh, the green did NOTHING to wake me up in the mornings.
You're welcome to stencil, paint, decorate away. Long as I don't have to expend 5 hours of my day.

karla said...

from the pics, the painting job does not look like shoddy workmanship, so kudos to you! and rog, green and purple to me equals barney.