Friday, May 06, 2005

coffeee against the machine

You might have caught this in the Times or tmn a few days ago, but Delocator is a site where you type in a zip code and voilà, in the slow blink of a non-caffeineted eye: a list of non-Starbucks cafés on the left, compared to a Starbucks list on the right. The site arose out of an art installation in San Fran by media collective Finishing School and is an idea that I wish I had thought of myself. Those Internet Ideas. Amazing. You just push a bunch of buttons! Anyways, the drawback is that since it searches in a 5 mile radius, for crowded areas like NYC, you get an overwhelming number of results that might not be so helpful.

I'm usually inordinately content when I'm at a coffee/tea place that I like. Because it usually means I have some time on my hands, enjoying a cuppa something nice plus maybe something sweet and probably made out of chocolate, and that I'm reading and every hundredth day, maybe even writing. What's not to love? Even misanthropes and grumpy people can enjoy cafés because they just have to hang out with themselves! And I don't want to hang out with you, either.

One day, perhaps I will have my own coffee place... What's your dream café like?


Also, how I know I'm a foodie: I was feeling low and blue the other day and it was this entry on baguettes and its comments that cheered me up. That's right. All it takes me to smile is some carbs. My mother the other day kindly informed me that enjoying food is "in our genes." Clearly, that "science" gene does not run in the family. Apparently, my grandfather enjoyed eating so much that during really rough economic times during/after the Korean War, he would always be sure to spend money on good food. He also ran a brewery.. (?!?!?!!) I have much to learn about my family history.


Robyn said...

I'm glad to see Delocator has so much stuff now as the first time I went it only told you were STARBUCKS was...which kind of defeated the purpose.
My dream cafe would sell cupcakes. Okay, my dream cafe wouldn't have coffee but would have milkshakes, cupcakes, pancakes, and freshly squeezed sugar can juice! And honey. And a bucket of sugar (why not?). I have a feeling this place will never exist.
Carbs are yummy.
[I tried to sign into typekey but I got a notice saying your blog didn't use it. Or something. Eep.]

janet said...

Ooh cupcakes. Ahh the intangibility of dream cafés. I like the bucket of sugar idea. You could have a little trowel. Like for sand. Except edible and sweet...
Errrr. I don't know what's up with typekey .. I thought I had enabled it but maybe not. Will look into it.