Wednesday, May 04, 2005

are you the tortoise or the hare?

This is all about bringing you up to speed. You know, so you don't have to dig in those calves and heels any harder into the asphalt, don't have to maneuver around those dots of people, that tricky moving obstacle course.

A mishmash of things. Or some in California might prefer to say, mishmosh of things...

This past weekend, I attended my first professional sporting event. It was called How the New Jersey Nets can only be from New Jersey. Those Nets. They have Heart. They can have Zing. And even a dollop of skewed, lack of open-space-panache. But they can also be scrubby. Like they were on Sunday, against the blaze of the Miami Heat. Shaq didn't even do anything; he ran up and down the court a couple times for cardiovascular upkeep.

I, too, am from NJ. But we won't go into some sort of situation where I parallel my life and intellectual being to the scrubby, panache-misplacing Nets.....

In local news, Mitch from NJ for Democracy assures me that Edison polls show Jun Choi leading Spadoro. I don't know where those polls, or that panache, are. But in any case, it'll be really interesting to see how this mayoral race plays out. I just like saying 'panache'.

I think I had other things to talk about but my synapses went ahead to reconnaissance some sleeping for me...

PANACHE!!!!! Synapses, right? Brain thingies? At least I didn't say occipital bone. Thank you one semester of forensic anthropology!!!

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