Sunday, April 10, 2005


Hullo. Long time no write. I don't know. Sometimes. Well. Wow, I've stumbled on a particularly evil patch of incoherence. Malignantly growing.

Continuing to feel at sea, and not in that jolly pirate way. More like, on some weak, multiple splinter-inducing raft in that ocean in the middle of nowheresia. Cuz I just feel so unsettled and useless right now. And lonely. And depressed. Despite everything, all the blessings, all my limbs, things that other unfortunate souls wish on dying stars that wink slowly at you. Haha. You clueless souls on earth.

I don't even know what I'm getting at. Still unstable. So what? Getting my act together. What does that even mean? Maybe I simply just have a lack of focus or discipline and specific passion, all while thinking somehow that there is some sort of stocked ability (somewhere?) and potential. The rock on top of the hill, but nowhere to roll.

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