Tuesday, April 12, 2005

and world peas


There's nothin' like stirring arborio rice for an hour to work those triceps!! Interesting note from Wiki: Risotto is always toasted before broth/liquid is added. Well, now with that nugget of knowledge, I know what to do with my life!

Giada's Mushroom Risotto with Peas is pretty fantastic, in any case. I've used baby portobellos or cremini in the past (maybe they're the same thing actually?) and mushroom broth and still fabulous results. You can even fry the leftovers in golden patty-form! Mmmmmm... patties........

Pretend transition here. Last week, I tried yoga for the first time at my gym, which I rather enjoyed, though it was pretty difficult for a girl who can't really reach her own toes easily, she's that unbendy. This week, I decided to try pilates, but I have to say, boo to a goose on that. Too much torture! Put your legs in the air and your arms straight out. Now move your legs up and down and keep going and then do something like evil pushups and then stay in plank position for hours and eons and no thanks man.


roger said...

I'm pretty sure those are different mushrooms. Creminis are the more flavorful alternative to button mushrooms; they're good when you need some bulk without spending too much money. However, I've heard that button mushrooms and portobellos are the same species -- they're just at different stages of development. I think I saw that on the Food Network, so it must be true.

janet said...

Thank goodness for food tv. I'm still a little confused. I may do a little mushroom research tonight. no not THAT kind.

karla said...

ohh pilates isn't that bad. just the first couple of times. but once you get started, it feels super!