Thursday, March 03, 2005

sleeping is giving in


I've been having problems with, oh, living. Even with my rose-hued specs, the glass, my little brioches eyeing my curiously, is a quarter of the way full. I suppose it's the weather or my refusal to fill up at the gas station of soul. Hahahahaha. That one was awful. It's time for sleep. Perhaps tomorrow's chilly winds will cause some grubby paper bag to whirl by me, filled with motivation. Or maybe marshmallows.

Sometimes, I just want to be like Mikhail, my roommate's cat. Here he is doing his best impression of a fuzzy slipper. However, I will not be doing impressions of fuzzy slippers in the near future.


sam said...

first off, Mikhail is a great name for a cat. second, what he's doing right there, it looks like perfection.
hang in there.

foxes said...

i sent a very important email to janet at escapingwords dot com

janet said...

thanks sam. mikhail thinks he's perfection all the time despite his very hard life. i could learn a thing or two from him.