Wednesday, March 23, 2005

she's a feisty one

Went to hear Feist yesterday at Joe's Pub. Fantastic. More later. (yay! she's opening for british sea power in may. bsp also added a show. may be hottest show ev-errrrr)

tofuhut has feist w/ jane birkin mp3. clickity click.

Bad updater! Bad bad! I'd like to say it's because I'm busy being fabulous. But let me take off my pink glasses and say, look how gross it is outside.

What do you like on your ice cream? (I am trying to get some new unspammy comments, but not doing so with well-written thought-provoking text. instead, unelegant to the point of brash, ungainly unsightly thinly veiled short questions. Kind of like in chemistry when a solution gets supersaturated and all you need is a speck of something and then crystals form. Or kind of nothing like that. Nobody ever answered my What's your favorite blog? I would think that would be simple enough. Like you don't have enough to waste your time with already...)

Ok back to the blushing, flushing lenses. There's no other way I get through my day unless everybody around me is a peculiar shade of pink. Oh my!

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Mosh said...

Hot butterscotch, whipped cream, crushed oreos. Boo to any soft candy that turns rock hard at ice-cream temp, such as marshmallows, gummy worms, gummy bears. In the dining halls I used to like putting hot coffee over a scoop of ice cream and eating it really fast before the hot/cold constrast disappeared.