Wednesday, March 30, 2005

regina spektor


I donned the photo dunce cap once more. You really would've thought that I would learn how to use the damn camera but no. It was on some sort of strange, slow trippy non-auto setting so that most of my pictures came out in a drunken fuzz. In my loneliness, even my camera goes drinking without me.

Anyways, our lovely Reginka, she done good. Sean Lennon opened. He is the son of John Lennon and Yoko Ono. Tempting to say, 'nuff said, but he is his own person! (Are you yours??? ). I dunno. His last song on the piano was Debussy-esque and his songs were both charming and melancholy and his falsetto lovely, reminding me randomly of jump little children's older slow stuff.

Regina was lovely and charming as well, and in great voice, with her wide range of jazziness and yowls and accents ranging from bronx to ezra pound, words from french to russian and those found in spektor's thesaurus. Thanking the audience repeatedly and looking a bit awed and abashed at this sold out crowd in her home city, she was just very cute and warm. Like mittens! Except maybe with claws. So kittens. She's the queen of dark quirkiness, playing with words, playing with sounds, playing around. I noticed for the first time that she mentions death in a lot of her songs. She also played quiiiite a long set -- over 2 hours -- with lots of new stuff, even one from 11:11, and all in between, taking requests, goin' acappella or on the piano, even the guitar, sometimes accompanied with bass and cello.

I was almost not gonna go, cuz I was feeling like mistress mary, quite contrary. But yay for going to nice concerts. And to regina, for singing what we maybe keep inside and reminding us all about stories and sounds.

One of my favorites from that first album 11:11 called Braille

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