Friday, March 11, 2005

i'm just mad about dunkin donuts and saffron

My excellent emu of edison pals didn't miss this scrumptious tidbit now did they?

Mumbai to Midtown, Chaat Hits the Spot

No article about Indian-things-in-general-around-here is complete without mention of... you guessed it! Oak Tree Road! ...Oak Tree Road serves a knowledgeable clientele and has the best-quality sweets and chaats in the region: all the major manufacturers have shops there, and even amateurs like Shalimar and the Galaxy food court serve lively chaats with startlingly fresh flavors...

And no discussion about these here parts and neck o' the woods is complete with a little D&D. No, not dungeons & dragons, you nerd. Slate talks about their campaign to elegant-ize it up to offset that warm welcoming color palette that feels like home. Dunno 'bout you but D&D doesn't need to yearn to be like the behemoth S and do preposterous things like lattes when they're in the burbs... cuz there's just nowhere... else... to ... go.

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dchads said...

looks like i've gone from someone living near Oak Tree Road to being a knowledgeable clientele...