Wednesday, March 23, 2005

feisty one, part deux


My picture-taking skills have clearly not improved. Whatever.

Let It Die is her 2nd album, and originally I really enjoyed most of the tracks and found some songs a little hokey, but I think that's mostly an issue of the arrangements. And that I have an icy heart and that I need to learn to relax and breakdance fight. Anyways, live, everything comes off beautifully, more raw and less shiny, more joyful and magical, etc. etc. and her voice is just lovely and ribbony and so flexible. I shall call her.... Chanteuse. She's my choice for a music duel in some sort of Canadian pokémonesque fight.

It was a fun show at Joe's Pub, she bantered naturally and worked some mikeloopin' magic. I could banter unnaturally for a little bit but I'm not gonna waste your time any further so I'm just gonna point you again to tofuhut, who has a thoroughly researched History of Feist, charting her way through Peaches, sock puppets, Broken Social Scene, Canada, and then dun dun dun, the world! With LOTS of audio goodies.

Her site.

Stream of live show from the netherlands.


This one's from brooklynvegan who has some great pictures. She's slow dancing by herself here. If it were anybody else, it would seem sad or contrived or too quirky, too Amelie. But her, no. Chanteuse!


mishie said...

i for one am glad feist is staring to conquer the rest of north america, she's been a canadian gem for far too long...her voice is absolutely lovely - live or on record. :)

janet said...

i do admit - canada is the land of many musical gems!