Monday, March 14, 2005


Go see my roommate this week! Not at my house when I'm not there. That would be just plain awkward, especially considering your social skills. You may, however, say hello to the cat. He will most likely be asleep or ask you for food. He's a sensible cat, that Mikhail.

Untitled Theater's 24/7 Festival
The Untitled Theater's 24/7 Festival consists of one-act plays created within a day. The writers start writing at 10pm the night before, and rehearsals begin at 9am of that day. Each day has a theme, and they are all part of Untitled Theater Co. #61's mission to present a modern theater of the absurd.

More info at Untitled Theater and tickets.

If you're one of those types who likes computers, photography, blogs, and computers that sound like coldplay-paltrowbabies, you can't go wrong at NYC Photobloggers 3 at the Apple Store, where many local photobloggers of repute, including Y to the P, will converge to take over the world, one pixel at a time.

Alas, I am not in any theater productions or photo shows, nor do I have any creative output that I don't immediately eat or pack in tupperware to bring to work for lunch the rest of the week. Tough luck, my socially challenged friends... Maybe I'll buy you some pizza. Look! Veering towards incoherence already!!

My friend, MM, who does not, contrary to popular belief, have a colorful candy shell, hooked me up with a free month of netflix. And I stayed up until 3 am on saturday adding movies to my queue. A horribly beautiful thing, I call it.

Finally, to end this grab bag piƱata colada of fun, grrrrlpower!!!!
There's been a dearth of women writing serious opinion pieces for top news organizations, even as there's been growth in female sex columnists for college newspapers. Going from Tess Harding to Carrie Bradshaw, Dorothy Thompson to Candace Bushnell, is not progress.
I used to enjoy Maureen Dowd's columns for their connection to popular culture and liberally pointed barbs, but now I usually find her way over the top and playing cutesy wootsy with punny names. But this, she has a point. Get writing, sisters. I mean.. sistahs.

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foxes said...

shall we all go see ms. yp at the apple store? i will be going to cheer her on.