Monday, February 28, 2005

work hard play hard, but eggs over easy

Some more Fiona Apple tracks floatin' around the ones and zeroes. Check 'em out chez productshop. Boo Sony.

Any chance Dukies get, we mention that we work hard and play hard. This unoriginal motto has little to do with ipods or jello wrestling, and yet here it is in this fond, sepia-toned look back and hard-boiled egg analysis of the class of 2008's free ipod deal. I know a free ipod would help me play better basketball and be a fluttering social butterfly and host just perfectly lovely like a crystal teardrop dinner parties.

Spent a nice day at the gates in central park on saturday. Let's see if there will be any rolling balls of hay (what are those called?) whistling across the desolate paths this week after all the jolly people have departed the land of christo. Also saw a movie called Turtles Can Fly. More on that later.

And did you know, Marie Antoinette really said, "Let them eat brioche!"? At least according to wikipedia though I don't know how reliable a group-edited encyclopedia is. Who cares. Le brioche est le yummy and will now be my new term of endearment.

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