Friday, February 25, 2005

we all live in our lucky tangerine

When I was young and bright-eyed, I liked being handy with the pretty paper and scissors and glue. And I confess, I was a font-nerd. Those days have faded away, through years of sunlight and the grit of mundanity. Yet here I am, not driven to actually create things, cuz that would require work or thought, but still staring wistfully at greeting cards at stationers, the lovely papers in paperies, even the nice little curliques that I found quite pleasing to the eye - if a little surprising - during the nba allstar game. You can always catch my heart on a nail, snag my aestethic tooth with some curliques.

So it's no surprise that I really love the general aesthetics of lucky tangerine design. Simple, elegant, whimsical. (If that were an acrostic, that would spell out S-E-W. Ah, you don't miss much, gentle reader.) Lucky Tangerine has designed menus and other such things for Lassi, which are quite lovely and you can see those things and other examples of projects on their site.

Lucky Tangerine also a) sounds like it could be a code name for spies, but for a rookie. b) can insouciantly be inserted into the lyric line - we all live in our yellow submarine. but then so can "purple soup tureen" and probably a number of other things.

As we're on the subject of purple soup tureens and opera pork and beans, here's the graphics answer to mp3 blogs -- font blogs!! fontleech --- (via LHB)
Plus, the homes of many many awesome and gorgeous tiles/backgrounds, citrus moon and squidfingers

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