Monday, February 28, 2005

go 'way


Bah. I won't mind if these sad twigsters melt away. Just like my doomed and icy heart. Dammit winter, go away. There's only so much of my blahs I can blame on the weather. Or give me a tiara and we'll call it even.


theRogue said...

just writing to let you know that I enjoy the strings of metaphors that you string together. there's a certain poetry to the way you put things together that i admire and respect.
and i can't think of any image that represents the end of winter than the last melting snowmen. keep on posting!

Janet said...

Thanks theRogue. :)
Are you one of the X-men? Man. I should have a "the" in front of my name. The Cheat. The Janet. Anyways, your kind words are much appreciated.