Tuesday, February 22, 2005

fleeting fleets


Took a little walk through Central Park to check out the Gates in their orange, I mean I'm just mad about saffron, glory. It was a weird cloudy/sunny day. I guess in weather terms, that's partly sunny. Or is it partly cloudy? Wench, bring me more cake and make sure this goblet remains ever half full of cloud and half empty of sun!

Ah, the Gates. It almost sounds like a little condo community doesn't it? Maybe for retired people. Anyways, it was nice. But mostly because I was outside in fresh-er air than work, where all of a sudden one of the hallways has started to smell suspiciously like pee. (Opera Pee?) I'm sure there's all this buzz and clatter (buzzatter) and how! I have little else to contribute.

More interesting than the Gates themselves, of course, were the people who came to see it, crowding out the regulars in this southwest corner of Kingdom of Runners and Dogs. I especially liked one child in a stroller crying out in near-panic to his nanny, face twisted in the kind of agony only a child can muster, "I don't WANT to stay here FOREVER! Can't we leeeeavvvvee?!?" while a couple feet away, a Head of Family blusters, "Go over there so we can take a picture and pretend you're enjoying yourself!!" with commanding, smallish authority. Well. At least some people are looking at the park.

I've been thinking of getting some St. Johns Wort. (Do you like my transitions? I'm such great English tutor material.) I hear it's a good natural depression fighter. Now I don't remember where I've heard this. You forget those kinds of things yknow? Cuz lately, or I dunno the past couple years, whatevs, have been like when you're at work and you click and click and click reload on your email thing and it comes up with nothing new again and again and again and again and your eyes travel to the corner where that time is kept and wonder how you're gonna make it through. Where's my cake? Have you eaten it too???

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