Friday, February 18, 2005

dairy substitutions

I had wanted to check out Keren Ann at Tonic yesterday but she'll be back in town at Joe's Pub in March I think. There are always these female singer-songwriters, hanging out, writing their tunes -- so many of them, it seems, though thank cream puffs, cuz dammit, if you want to sing along to bands and stuff, it's always boys boys boyz. Problems of numbers of course is sifting through the flour of these alternately cool-voiced, quirky, folky, mellow, ironic, piano and guitar-backed story-tellin' ways. Many are smart song and lyricsters -- so what stands out? Any recommendations?

Anyhoo, instead I had to check out some claaasssical moosic for workish purposes, so I heard the NY Philharmonic yesterday. And thank goodness. Cuz they rocked my socks off with the 2nd half of the program -- Stravinsky's Firebird. The melodious stuff lingered and oozled around like smoke from the cigarette of an enigmatic, dusky seductress who's lurking in that imaginary bar of yours (not mine though. i'm just nursing a drink in mine) and the bwaamp bwaaamps (those are technical classical terms) thrummed and thrilled and it's really really seldom that I've heard any orchestra get that loud and intense. Rock.

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