Sunday, January 23, 2005

a million nails on chalkboards

Well, this sure is taking a long while. I've aged roughly two months since my last crumpled paper of an entry. But it looks like the small cracker crumb pieces of my website-life are coming together again... probably only to disintegrate soon enough into salty soup from a chrome-lined diner.

Thank you, thank you. You didn't think the stupid and lengthy metaphors would cease did you?! Don't be naive, you doll, you absolute dear.

You were worried, weren't you? Everytime you checked back and saw the vast empty space. Little might you have known, that I was going through some crisis of purpose. What's the damn point? What is this all for? Am I just adding to the trash that is out there? Could I be better spending my time?

Probably. Still, the glare of the blank or under construction page that would force you to stop and ask, between sips of caffeinated beverage of choice, what the hell is janet doing? will, for now, be filled with words, empty and half empty and maybe even three quarters full. Besides, you people at work and at school need a way to procrastinate and friends in manila need something to read from home.

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deepal said...

you know this is an actual disorder
Main Entry: Wer·nicke's aphasia
Pronunciation: ver-n-kz-, -kz-
Function: noun