Sunday, November 14, 2004

quarter life crisis

The Guardian interviews Zach Braff whilst whispering "Spokesman for a generation." Yes, he keeps in touch with his fans and audience through that new-fangled blogging thing because, as he says:
"With this blog, I thought I'm just going to talk to my audience like I would with a friend. And it's been great for that. Here's what's going on in my life, here's what I'm doing, here's what really fucked me up when I was 25, here's what it's like when I wash my car."

Word. At least you are interesting and entertaining. Unlike me.

Commercial break:
Are you in your mid-twenties? Are you bursting in tears after losing at Literary Trivial Pursuit even with your English degree? Welcome to your Quarter Life Crisis!

While I feel like this is a very real sort of stage of life these days, the melodramatic, peanut-buttery bits sound rather ridiculous. "Are you dead inside???"!! Ah the humans are so funny. Let's refer back to my friend Zach (quote below) who was interviewed at Yes, there's an acronym. And a site.

Hey, so when are my "golden years" supposed to happen??!?!?! I'm waiting!!!!!! Wasn't high school or college or ever. They don't exist, do they? I'll put my faith in edible material goods. Now golden grahams. They exist.

ZB: I think people who are prone to go through a quarterlife crisis are prone to be dealing with these same issues their whole lives. I feel like life goes in waves. The way I describe it is it's like being long overdue for the next chapter of your life to open up, I think everyone can relate to that, life is a series of beginnings and changes, and then there's times in your life where you're like "I am so due for an epiphany, I am so due for something new to happen to me, a new girl, a new job, an epiphany, somebody please send me an epiphany." ....
"Somebody please send me an epiphany." ?? Has he been reading my diary from the past five years? Creepy. OK, my site is quickly turning into a I heart Zach Braff and I heart Arcade Fire site. TeeHee. Girlish giggles dissolving into sobs asking Isn't there any meaning in my life?!?!? What's it all forrrrrrrrr?
Me and my english minor would probably suck at Literary Trivial Pursuit. I mean "I" [sidelong glance].

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