Sunday, November 14, 2004

paul paul interpol

Saw Interpol @ Hammerstein on Friday. Hail Social, whom I didn't care for, and Calla opened. Calla sounded much more upbeat and loud like Growrrrr! than last time I heard them. Also new members. Aurelio still pretty boy.

Interpol was pretty good but meh, especially after the concert the day before. Lights were pretty cool but backlit the band so much that you could hardly ever see their faces or what the actual color of their clothes were. As usual, Carlos D. cut the sharpest profile and walked around. Dan Kessler still looks like Noah Wyle plays earnestly. Sam looks older but he's cool. I like him. The keyboardist was lost in the smoke machine. And Paul looked hott in a fedora and thanked the audience after every few songs. His voice still can veer into pained sheep. All in all, a solid and cucumber-cool show, as per usual. It was nice hearing the oldies because they actually deviated ever-so-slightly from sounding just like the album.

I don't think I'd pay to see them again in a place bigger than Bowery or Irving. This girl near me kept screaming this very weird scream. It would begin with this splutter of consonants. Like instead of the normal girlie "eeeeee!" or sounds so high-pitched you just have to wonder, it was more like "wblnooooooooooooowwww!" Curious.

[Pic from johnwyles of Texas show.]

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