Monday, November 15, 2004

Ode to Craigslist

Look. Craigslist is great. I'm not denying that. Without it, we would not be able to sell not-as-hot tickets for exorbitantly priced hot tickets. We would not be able to laugh at the rants and raves and wonder about the fate of humanity at the missed connections. We would not be able to have one more site to check job postings for that kinda okay paying job that doesn't make you want to kill yourself everyday.

But seriously, NYT Real Estate section. Face the fact that you're catering to an audience that can afford things in your nonintrusive tiffany and gucci ads and make engagement announcements with smiles that yearn to last. So don't pretend you can pull off the Dining section's useful and interesting $25 and under kind of concept by including a yippee craigslist success story even if it is about ex-mormons.

Finding a roommate or an apartment through craigslist is just like trying to find meaning in your everyday existence before your first cup of coffee. And then afterwards. And then when you cry yourself to sleep at night. It's like the outcome of the 2004 elections. You begin, very quickly, to lose faith in your fellow human beings. They lie. They cheat. They expend no energy whatsoever at spelling words you learn in the first grade correctly or proofreading or calling you back. They are all nuts.

It's something you have to go through yes. And I'm happy with the result of my craigslist forays. I have learned a lot. But c'mon, NYT. Fill that space with a pretty picture or something. A coupon for vodka. Or talk about oatmeal.

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