Wednesday, November 17, 2004

movable blog-o-vision


Went with YP to Movable Hype on Tuesday night, giving up my usual snarky dosage of Gilmore Girls and Scrubs. Twas a fun night. Met some of the nice Gothamist folks, including Bluejake. It was kind of surreal though, kind of like a house party where everybody pretty much knows each other and you're just one of those people who went because somebody was like, "Yo, I hear there's this cool party at 216 Delaware" and then you go and find that you sort of know everybody because you've been reading their blogs ever since peanut butter and jelly.

Now that I've made no sense whatsoever, I'll move on. Meeting the face behind the words is always kind of interesting. There was just such a preponderance of bloggers that I felt like I was wearing those drunk-vision goggles but they were blog-o-vision goggles. I have to say, just a little weird. "Hi! I know you! But not really!" Creepy in a way. Fandom in another way.

What with the kind of event it was, there was a surprising number of people who didn't want their picture taken. Okay maybe just one girl. YP was doing her picture-thang and this girl was all like, "Don't take my picture bitch." but not as rude as that. And everybody around us was like, you do know that there are currently 38 digital cameras for every one human tonight, don't you ... bitch? And then there was a breakdance fight. Actually, there were a couple camera-offs between Youngna and Bluejake. Frightening indeed.

Anyhoo, brooklynvegan has a linkstastic entry of attendees if you're in that kind of blue clicking mood. I read about 60% of the blogs linked there but thanks to stunning interpersonal skills met very few of them and don't know what they look like. I did spot/recognize catherine's pita, recently of the ipod cozy fame, b/c she posts pictures of herself sometimes. See? This is creepy.

Well, noncreepy was some nice people we met. Tien was one of them.

Oh yeah, the music. Pretty good! We missed the first whoever, thanks to chinatown dumplings. Awwwww, that sounds like a racist term of endearment. Dennis Cahlo of the Sons of Sound (soon to change names) has a wonderful crazy voice, this mix of Bono, Ted Leo, and Jay Clifford of Jump, Little Children (great falsetto). Snowden from Atlanta was arite.

Asobi Seksu was pretty great. Much tighter, wilder, and affecting than when I last heard them in the winter, probably due to touring and the like. Though that makes me sad because their CD really pales in comparison.

Whew. I'm all linked out. How do you people do it?!

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