Sunday, November 21, 2004

moma ants


Went to the newly renovated MOMA when it opened for the little people (cool people, press, and members got a sneak peek earlier in the week) on Saturday with free admission! and rain!! and clean white spaces!!!

There was this one piece there, if I remember correctly, by Rachel Whiteread. I don't remember what it's called. Hopefully not Untitled #8. Maybe Room or Negative Space. Anyways, it was a plaster cast of a room she made, sort of like this big hunking white mass of sand-castlesqueness.

I don't know why I remembered that all of a sudden. I think because the new building is so big and airy that I imagined filling it with white plaster. How romantic.

Now that I've devolved into nonsense as per my usual habit... I'll dance a little Ashlee-jig!

Overall, I thought Taniguchi's design was pretty great. Elegant and simple in a mostly non-boring way. I mean, I don't think you can escape the expanses of white space. But everything flows nicely without being curvy and there are nice corners and peek-a-boo windows into different floors and walkways that seem suspended, evoking futuristic sidewalks in the air.

The place is overwhelming, simply because of how much stuff they have. The floor with the "stars" especially -- y'know, the van gogh, picasso, matisse. They all reside a little uncomfortably close to each other, like neighbors in NJ suburbia.

I'm excited about what MOMA will do in terms of exhibitions and how they will use their new space. Get a membership. It's worth it.

The Duke Leadership in the Arts Program I liked so much I did twice is holding its visual art classes @ MOMA itself and exploring the whole of the museum. My two years we had to schlep all around the city -- and that was cool cuz we got a great, varied overview of the NY arts scene -- all the major museums and galleries, Chelsea, Soho, Queens, Brooklyn -- but I'm still mad jealous and might have to crash some of this year's classes during lunch breaks.

[pic from Tien]

More pics chez Youngna. Some of them are hott.

Peruse MOMA's collection here because you don't spend enough time in front of the computer.

Unrelated note: my friend just sent me this link. It was pretty funny.

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