Monday, November 22, 2004

liberal education

Vocab: A liberal application of butter on my bread. Mmmmm. Butter.

Why does, oh I don't know, learning things mean you are trading off for 'marketable' skills? Why can't the media ever pick a young person that is more interesting and intelligent than a piece of hair?

On liberal education -- what it means, do the students get it (apparently not. They answer "the classes are small" and "the professors care."), what's the point, etc. etc. Ok yeah, so I agree that it's quite a broad term that does little to describe its aims. And I'm not sure who determines these aims. But I take it to mean something like an education where one learns to how to think more coherently, to be more able to engage different perspectives and arenas into some sorts of hopefully meaningful or searching judgments and questions. You learn how to learn. And that's probably roundabout and I've disproven myself by being about as intelligent as a piece of hair. But liberal arts sure doesn't mean that you're being "creative" in some typically arty smarty sense of the word.

Actually, I'm getting kind of angry reading this. A student explains:
"But at a certain point," she says, "it becomes less and less about learning and more about resume-building." Why? Well, Maynard replied, people don't want to graduate and end up as a Starbucks barrista. After she gets her degree in literary studies, she wants to pursue a career in branding.

What the fuck is branding? Branding cattle? Determining what's hot and what's not? And fuck, maybe you might learn something from being a barrista than some kiss-ass who isn't interested in the world around them and can't say that they are passionate about what they do. How the hell can you be passionate about branding. I love that Nike swoosh. It keeps me going when I'm down and out and thinking of slitting a wrist.

Rant finis.

Ok. Angrier than I thought. To each his own and all different kinds of people and their money to make world go round and other such platitudes. Sorrryyyyyyy *giggles*

Edit: All about branding

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