Wednesday, November 17, 2004

laptops can't give hugs

lalipunav.jpg Everybody, this is my older sister, Grace. Hahahahaha. Oh my god, I'm so tired and delirious. Tirelious!!! That sounds Shakespearean. Man, Asian people ROCK! Oh please forget this entry ever happened.

This girl is actually not my sister, nor is she "Chinatown Dumplings." She is Valerie Trebeljahr of Lali Puna from Munich. According to Epitonic, she is " a Portuguese-educated German national, of part Asian descent, writing in English, sampling Spanish voices."

Now that I feel dull as rocks, here's a song that they do: 603. Lali Puna has laptops and keyboards and things with twisty things and a drummer and stuff. Electro-poprock? I hate genres. Just listen to the mp3.

They played a show at the Mercury Lounge. Missed the first opener but also saw Styrofoam from Brussels, where they say "prima" and they don't say "you stupid bastards." They also play laptop music, but more mellow. New album out soon in the States called Nothing's Lost and here you can listen to clips. Ben Gibbard and Andrew Kenny, among others, appear on the album.

Andrew Kenny, from American Analog Set supported Styrofoam for the show. Is 'supported' the right word? I can't think straight. Along with that soothing-like-aloe-voice, the way he dances, or "moves," reminds me of somebody I knew from my doo-shbop college acappella days, who went by his middle name cuz his name was actually Jon Smith -- he also had these cute "moves" - ie dancing with no hips.

I'm so concert-ed out. Totally vegging out tomorrow.

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