Wednesday, November 03, 2004

just more rambling

haikus just aren't really my style

Both looked into a glass pane, thinking it was a window to affirmation of
the fairest in the land, but instead saw a mirror devoid of any magic but
one reflecting what was merely right in front of it, feeding a kind of
blindness. And in those two neighboring bubbles of self-enclosure, we don't
realize that on each side of that mirror are people saying the same exact
things about whomever they consider the other and not themselves. And now
that the glass has been broken to pieces, one side despairingly poses the
the Alice-in-Wonderland question of well, Who exactly is America? while the other is allowed to remain in a cloud, smug as the Chesire Cat and right now there's no way of getting through that damn looking glass and remain unscathed.

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