Monday, November 22, 2004

it's only opera!

Coolfer recently had a tid-bit/link from the San Francisco Chronicle to an interview of classical crossover artist, Hayley Westenra. This is interesting because operanews did an interview with her not too long ago. But this interview was way more funny.
It starts like this:

Q: So your official biography comes out this month. Is it, like, three pages long?

A: I know, it does seem a bit crazy. But it's basically my whole childhood story, and how I got where I am. Hopefully, there's more to come.

Q: Can you explain the best part for illiterate people?

A: Well, I haven't read it all yet. That's what I'm going to do on the tour.

Q: You don't need to read it. You lived it.

I read some more stuff by Aidin Vaziri who is SF Chronicle's pop music critic among other things at other places and he makes me laugh and clap my hands at his cheekiness. He also loves u2's How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb.

I missed U2 on a flatbed truck travelling down Broadway. I can't decide whether this was a good or bad thing.

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