Thursday, November 18, 2004

it all comes together

Well. I guess I can't stop from talking about Arcade Fire any more than I can help oversleeping and being late for work. Abercrombie might be all racist and stuff but they, too, love the Arcade Fire.

"What's the name of that band that's supposed to be wicked good?"
"Shut up Ken. Just act cool."
"I can't hear what you're saying. My hair deflects any words away from my ears."
"Did you starch your polo shirt. God that's sad."
"I've been with hotter girls than this chick. I'm so pretty. My polo shirt is pink."
"Shit, my hair is losing its purposeful waviness. When can I get to a bathroom to put some more hair product in?"
"Shit, my hair feels loose. I can hear what this girl is saying. When can I get to a bathroom to put some more hair product in?"
"I'm hungry. I wonder if Ken will want to stop for some fro yo. Or parfaits. Mmm. Parfaits."
"WTF is Arcade Fire. John Mayer is so awesome. My body is a wonderland."

Okay enough of that. interviews Win Butler. In response to a question about the whole Neighborhoods deal, Win responds: "Read Plato's republic, then it will all be clear." Is he being his smart-alecky self? Hummmm.

bradleysalmanac has a live arcade fire show from boston's TT the bears - mp3s and pics. He is as eloquent as I was. "Best show Ever." Wheeeeee.

Mmm. Parfaits.

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roger said...

tangent: girl in the picture was on the Real World, just like you! hee.
I just know these things.