Wednesday, November 03, 2004

finding meaning

Fuzzy math session: People seemed to have a lot of trouble with the "Vote or Die" slogan. 7 searches for "What does 'vote or die' mean?" [?!!?!! implied] landed here. And considering I have like 4 readers. That makes that like 148%!

Where's the magic 'morning-after' pill when you need one? Oh, I ain't makin' babies. YOU know that! I mean, I wake up this next morning and find myself at the beginning of, oh those horrible words, four more years. Pop a pill and find myself in .... a different reality! a reality of my own creation! I'll take the side effects of nausea, headaches, and vomiting. Because I'm messily suffering those things as I'm typing anyways.

At least NJ wasn't as stupid as projected to be (F*** you Monmouth County!!!!!). *remember this statement. handy example for what i say below... somewhere below...

It's blinding being in the northeast (or on a college campus �a Duke). Blinding isn't the right word I'm looking for because it conjures up the image of somebody stabbing me in the eye with a freshly sharpened #2 pencil. Maybe blinders... you know, those things that they put on horses so that they can't see things on the side and don't get freaked out and rear with a majestic yet rebellious

So yeah. Blinders. Preaching to the choir. Surrounded by like-minded people, you begin to think that oh man, the WHOLE WORLD is with me!!!!! OK, granted, literally the whole world might be on your liberal side (is that jekyll or hyde? I can't ever remember. Just avoid the musical..), or at least those zany Europeans who will start eating Americans with their superior cheeses and fine merlot... The whole notion that so many people are angry at Bush that we can't possibly lose now!!!! That idea was not just invigorating, it was validating. And what we all like is that one hug from Momma, that one bit of validation, while we don't realize that she's just a boozing loser who doesn't care for anything but her dead dreams and next case of gin....(Not my mommy of course!)

Awwww. Look at how out of control my metaphors are!! It's not as cute as my roommate's cat who is washing his ears with his paws and his spit. Awwwww.

But as much as I agree with you, my friends, who think that a civil war doesn't sound all too bad a prospect (c'mon, we got them surrounded! strategically it's perfect!) or who are packing bags full of frustration and anger to move to Canada or aforementioned fondue-countries, I want to understand.

There are no large majorities here. Generalizing -- that oh so easy, all-purpose bathroom cleaner -- just doesn't clear anything up here. The dirts all deep in the cracks. (Sorry. Out of control, really.) Pro-Bushies are rejoicing by finding people who look like Michael Moore and roasting human Smoores at their campfires, singing joyous strains of Kumbayah (also not a good musical)... Pro-Kerryites are all ravingly furious, angry as all hell, becoming alcoholics so as to be continuously drunk for those touted four more years, and ready to roast pro-bushies over their campfire (even the vegans!), dancing around to U2.
So basically, everybody is ready to turn to cannibalism to deal with our joy and frustrations.
I understand the emotions that the liberals are feeling and the rants they are spouting. And no, I don't, can't really understand the Bush camp (abortion bad, death penalty good? what? explain!!!!) (how do you not make decisions based on your faith-- ie what you believe?? explain... but uh... keep the Bible out of it. No Janet -- youuuu explain!!!) I mean, I chalk their whole attitude to the religious right, and that may very well be true (42% or some other alarming percentage of Americans are born again Christians? I may be off -- don't remember where I read this.) But what I'm most frustrated about is this divide. This inability to talk to each other without getting stark raving mad, and saying the SAME EXACT things about each other. Each side points their index finger at the other saying "man - you so crazy stupid" and then give the middle finger as some sort of 'can't beat the middle finger' pseudo-violent gesture.
I'm not getting to the point. The thing is, we all tend to react to those who are 'the other side' by asking indignantly: how can you not see things the way I do?? Efforts to understand fizzle and we might agree to disagree and sit a respectful distance from each other at the lunch table, but in the end: Different=stupid.
I think it's almost impossible to sincerely cross the line from, Man you're a crazy motherfucker and so stupid because you must think exactly like me to be considered human or will burn in hell for all eternity -- to: Man you're a crazy motherfucker, but you have a right to be one and I'll have to deal with my boozing mother by myself.
So even despite my earnest (earnest-ness was out like in the 1700s) desire to understand everybody a little better, I just want to be more comfortable in thinking that most Americans are not dim-witted, non-listening idiots. That's the kind of faith that I want to have and keep and affirm.
So how does this elitism thing work again??
If anybody can send me links to people who voted for Bush and actually make arguments, please please do....
Blogs for Bush
Meanwhile, these two are like eating food your non-drunk of a mother makes. Comfort food.
My mother does not drink. Really - really. She could probably use one though.

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