Tuesday, November 09, 2004

drama plans b/c nothing is going on in own life

Sometimes I enjoy the cold. With crisp and/or soft snow. Christmas lights. Hot chocolate. Ice skating. When everybody is complaining about it because I feel contrary like that girl, Mary. But right now? No. It's like getting frozen yogurt, excuse me fro-yo, thrown into your face in front of the Queen and then she looks at you piercingly with her icy, imperious stare. It's making what little heart I have all small and stubborn and chapped with no hope of lip (heart?) balm because it's not in ANY of my pockets!

Here are some plays I want to see before they vanish from NY. Maybe I will write about them if I do... Such. Excitement. !

Reckless with Mary Louise Parker

Comfort Women after I read this and b/c I want to learn about my peoples and you don't exactly run across this stuff every day like you do with stupid people.


Sakharam Binder after I read this. I'm all for "frank examination of human behavior."

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