Wednesday, November 10, 2004

caf�hez vous


NYT's William Grimes on home espresso machines. MmmMMmmMm. Espresso. But I'm suspicious of these pod thingies. And you really can't beat real crema. Anyways, coffee and pod are 2 words that don't really go together just like burger and oatmeal. You just have to ask why. The owner of one of my favorite caf�in the city, Tarallucci e Vino, on 1st and 10th, helps tests these thingies out. And Mr. Grimes, I'm concerned about the exorbitant $4 you are paying for espresso. Also, your name sort of sounds like Mr. Grieves and now I have the Pixies in my head.

Best espresso/coffee (and biscotti!) ever? La Columbe in Philly, where you can also observe the Philadelphian garden variety of hipster.

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