Saturday, November 13, 2004

better than rum


Alright -- I promise this will be my last arcade fire rave in awhile. Hype pipe mipe. And it's not like I'm going to add anything informative or insightful like I do every single entry. Just some more gushing that is hopefully not so repulsive as to make you not want to check them out. Not like frozen yogurt. I've heard many people rave about the goodness of frozen yogurt. And it repulsed me and in spite of it, I checked the frozen yogurt scene out. Thank god I didn't go as far as bleach my hair or get clothes from Abercrombie and a small purse that curiously can fit little else except all my billz and lip gloss -- cuz it is not so good. If you like the consistency, get some real ice cream, wait for it to melt a little and squish it around. Et voila! Give me haagen daaz and gelato and calories anyday she said, while fretting in the back of her mind about her chubby bunniness.

So, the bowery concert on the 11th, oh that's veterans day, was one of the tippiest toppiest concerts ever. Dirty on Purpose opened and they are one of my fav. local bands (nyc ain't no canada these days) They rocked out more and were tighter than I had seen them last in the spring. I love how the mellow laid-back vocals contrast with the fierceness of their instrumental sound. They still remind me of Explosions but with more poppiness and vocals and a more concentrated, rather than sweeping, sound. I hate how I can't write about music without sounding ridiculous or unhelpfully undescriptive. The drummer reminded me of Karen O. for some strange strange strange reason. I think it was cuz when he was drumming, he would raise his arm real high. Where's the resemblance? Nowhere -- I'm crazy.

DOP - to forget video from the show
2 mp3s here

The second opener, The Hidden Cameras who I've heard was actually supposed to headline before Arcade Fire became the next chai tea latte, was quite entertaining. These kids from Toronto know how to have fun! Yay for fun! Known for the go-go dancers that they like to bring along (they were in ski-masks for our show wheeee!) and their poppiness, they seem like the anti-NY-snooty-hipster band. Smile goddammit! They are another sort of collective, built around the main dude Joel Gibb, and they play like any cool collective these days, an assortment of different instruments. They switch around and decorate the stage. Fun times.

Here is a nice article on them that goes through their music, side projects, plus the history of the band and its association with the church, gay culture, and the Carl Orff method. Now, is there any fun band out there based on the Suzuki school of strings? I think not.

Here's a picture of the Hidden Cameras' cellist, Mike Olsen:

He also appears on the Arcade Fire album and played a couple of songs with them. My really deep and meaningful reasons for falling in love with him? 1. I liked his hat 2. I love cellos 3. I liked his red shirt which said, "Go home and practice." 4. He was very cute while playing. 5. He was good at it too! As a former cellist, I know these things. 6. And I got this little damper on my heart when the female go-go/semi-stripping/ski-masked was all up in his face while dancing and when he was all bonding musically with Arcade Fire's violinist Sara Neufeld.

When I was at the merch table, Win Butler rushed over worriedly cuz his jacket was onstage and he couldn't get it. I just kinda stared at him with a loopy smile on my face and worried about his wardrobe change as well.

He got the jacket just fine. It had bones drawn on the back.

The Davids Bowie and Byrne were in the audience. This, I missed.

And the Arcade Fire. Better than rum! They make me intensely cathartically (word?) happy. This is extremely difficult to do. So there.

Central Village ran into Win loading the U-Haul, who said they'll prolly be back around February. So keep your eyes peeled.

I'm expecting some cool pics of the Hidden Cameras and Arcade Fire from YP, who went up to Cornell this weekend to check 'em out.

[Pics from Brooklyn Vegan]

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