Wednesday, November 17, 2004

abercombie crap

Awwww. I remember this picture. Because it was everywhere freshman year of college -- even on the SNL "Weekend Update" segment. And it has this girl I knew in high school yelling, "Raawwr! Should have used bigger cardboard!!!"

There had been all this to-do because Abercrombie had those shirts with things like "Two wongs don't make a right" or something ridiculous like that. Yesterday's Times reports that a national bias case against them has been settled. A&F, who had been putting hired minorities in the back, cleaning or stocking, will now add more minorities to their advertising and get diversity recruiters and monitors to help them understand that there ARE other kinds of colors in the skin-rainbow.

Shite, what are the Duke kids gonna wear?!??!

Wondering what to get that trendy, politically conscious APA friend of yours for the holidays? Why not a Lauren, the Asian-Pacific-Islander Spoken Word Poet Doll??


roger said...

Oh man, that Lauren doll was good for another hearty chuckle.
I kind of always wondered why no one made fun of the writing on that poster. I mean, I know it was all rushed and stuff, but after "Abercrombie" didn't fit, wouldn't something click about "maybe we need to try something different for 'discriminates.'" I guess when you're Angry, little else matters.
I believe it was "Two Wongs make it white," which was 'advertising' a laundry service. And I found it a little funny.

Michelle said...

Actually a lot of people made fun of the writing on the poster, I believe that was why it was on Weekend Update. But yes we were young, angry, and hurried, and it got the point across.
Anyway, good to see someone is reading my blog. I always assumed I spewed for none.
My mother tells me you are at NYU? Probably incorrect korean-grapevine knowledge.
Hope you are well.