Thursday, October 28, 2004

you're the google to my search

It's that time of the month again. The less bitchy one. How do poor, unsuspecting people mistakenly stumble onto this site? Let's take a peek, shall we? I actually just do this to practice typing because clearly, I should have gone to sleep two hours ago...

Ashlee Simpson new song You won't find it here, my friend. You might be able to hear a recording of it while she has some other ailment like hangnails or the technical term, 'owies.'

the arts of escaping Ah, I owe so much to the great Harry. If only he could have taught me the arts of escaping from the box and chains of myself.

how to escaping Please look up difference between infinitive and gerund. And then tell me.... Fob. I lash out at others to make myself feel better, biyaatch!

I wish I had a sibling .... Well. I do too. For my next number, I'll sing my hit single, "The Only Child Blues"

madeleine peyroux between the bars mp3 Love this cover. Buy the album.

What does the Vote or Die slogan mean? Heehee. Good question.

Hm. No real crazies this time eh?

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