Sunday, October 24, 2004

Sea Thai - pretty and yummy. pretty yummy.

Went to Sea Thai on Saturday for lunch with ActressKC. It has won a spot in my heart -- fine, ok -- stomach. Stomach? Party of One? So romantic. I really should get to bed. I remember walking by Sea whenever I went to see concerts at Northsix and would scoff (jealously) at the trendy blue glow that emitted from the windows. The decor is definitely fabulous, almost too hip because I had way too much trouble trying to figure out how the sink worked. We want to make the hygienic processes as easy as possible, no?

But, I conquered my blue-glow fears when I learned about the low low low prices. The dishes are not just pretty, there's brain under that blonde! Or more sensically, the food is pretty damn good, suffering nothing for the price. We shared some puffy puffs or curry puffs or some Thai version of a samosa doodads as an appetizer. I had a dish with my favorites things that deserve to be in a song waaaaaay more than brown paper packages tied up with string -- curry with peanut stuff. KC went for the staple food, Pad Thai. Such a staple that I used capital letters.

I also learned recently that this is the restaurant in the beginning part of Garden State. Sadly, Zach Braff was not around to notice what a cool friend I'd be. (Honestly, I think my entries are getting pathetic-er and how!)

Zach Braff was a waiter before his acting took off zoooom!

Awwww, we Dukies all need to rant a little about something. Of course you're entitled to some Garden State hatin' and I do agree with some points made here, but the piece came off rather shrill. Did I like the movie more because I have this almost shameful thing called jersey pride? Yes. Did the writer have to stick in a definite article "the" before the title of the movie so that she insulted a whole, belligerent-peopled state? No.

But I learned some things. I guess the lesson is, if you are introduced to cool music by a movie soundtrack, you're not allowed to listen to it and enjoy. And then also, be really careful about definite articles. Good night.


Jos said...

god knows how I came upon this site... via a google search gone horribly wrong I think. Anyhow, for some reason I stayed around to read a bit... and I like it.
Artsy-fartsy, eh? I'll check back often. That is of course if you respond to your comments. =]

Me said...

Thanks for stopping by, Jos (josh?)!! I'll try not to go horribly wrong myself, although it's an all too easy prospect.