Sunday, October 24, 2004

rambling row

I'm no snob. It's not like some poor blokes don't need money. The Walkmen need to eat too. Modest Mouse shouldn't have to stay modest forever. But I'm still sometimes taken aback when so-called indie is put in the poppy context. This comes up often in clothing stores. Like the time I heard Interpol at American Eagle way before they were 'in' (braaaaag) and the first cd price climbed back up to $13.99. I shall describe, through my lonely tears, two instances where this has happened recently, because really, I don't have anything going in on my life.

I heard "Mushaboom" by Leslie Feist of the Broken Social Scene collective at Gap, returning a scarf I plainly just didn't need. I do like my neckwear though. Trendy AND functional. What's not to like? Anyways, I don't think it was the album version, but her mellifluous voice did improve my farewall to scarf experience.

I love the acoustic demo of this song, so much that I can't find it [sad face]. That one was all melancholy and wistful while the album version, also lovely, is whimsy and buttercups and includes some "shboomp shboomp"s (you could turn it into a mellow drinking game and drink a shot on every shboomp... but watch out towards the end! Don't get messy!).
the video (scroll to bottom)

Mushaboom Right click save away.

I'm hungry.

Also heard clips of explosions for the trailer of a Billy Bob Thornton movie, Friday Night Lights, on TV. It was kinda like seeing somebody you know in a play or hearing them on the radio or something for the first time as an actor or a dj. Context, I think this issue is called. So apparently, EITS pretty much scored the movie, working off of old stuff to create something new. That could've been pun-worthy, as it's about football, but are puns ever funny? Ok no, I just watched Conan's 10th Anniversary special and there was this joke/pun that still makes me giggle. (the SECRETS segment: Snoop Dogg saying if he ever left rap to open an ice cream shop, he would become Scoop Dogg. Heeheee)

Drummer, Chris Hrasky, mentions the soundtrack work, in this interview.

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